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Simple Dog Behavior Training Tips Owners Should Know

What Is Your Dog Saying?  

When you are at home, you can’t tell what your dog is thinking, but you can tell what he is trying to say. Dogs communicate with different body language, facial expressions, and sounds. A dog behavior training specialist can often identify what dogs are trying to say via their body language. Dogs use techniques to show that they are uncomfortable or stressed. Here are some of the common body language that dogs use and owners should know about:


You often see dogs pacing when they are waiting for their owners after a long day of work. However, if you notice that your dog often starts or becomes fixated in one place, this could be a sign of anxiety or excitement. This can also happen if your pet is alone in a strange place. There are cases where dogs start to pace because they have too much energy and want to tire themselves out.

Barking and growling

This is usually an aggressive behavior on the part of your furry friend. If your dog growls and barks at other animals or humans, you should take this as a threat. When they do bark and growl, their territory is threatened or an unknown person is coming near. You need to be careful when dealing with such dogs because they might be dangerous if they feel cornered.

Shaking and tail twitching

If you see that your dog’s tail is wagging up and down fast and you notice that he is panting heavily, this could be another sign of fear or anxiety. If this happens, try to distract him by calling him over. In other cases, it can also indicate that they are interested.

A dog’s body language can say a lot; incorrect interpretation can lead to misunderstanding between the owner and the pet. Give Calero Canine Education a visit! Based in Los Gatos, CA, we provide quality dog behavior training services as a unique way to communicate with your well-loved pets. Call us at (408) 891-9291 now to learn more about our services.

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