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“Dogs are man’s best friend.” It’s a cliche and overused. In fact, this statement is true if you’ve spent a certain length of time and you’ve trained your dog well. While there are dogs, regardless of the breed, that are loyal as they grow old, others stay aggressive as they are. This is why it’s important to undergo your pet canine to a dog training. If you’re looking for a professional trainer, Calero Canine Education in Los Gatos, CA is that you can turn to. Here is a list of services we offer.

Dog Trainer

Dog Trainer

Dog Training

We cater to any type of dog training that you require for your dog. As a professional local dog trainer, we have a wide selection of lessons that is friendly to your dog. From beginner to advanced dog training, we’ll make sure that your dog will learn everything that there’s a need to know. Don’t worry, though, we don’t condone animal violence so your pet canine is safe with us.

Behavioral Training

If your dog is acting weird or aggressively every time it meets a stranger, it’s already alarming to you as a dog owner. Your pet dog might attack a defenseless kid or pedestrian while taking it to a walk in the park. To teach your dog how to behave and not being aggressive all the time, our professional dog behaviorist has all the answer.

Command Training

Do you want your dog to fetch the morning paper for you? Perhaps, deliver the six-pack of beverage straight to your doorstep? If so, our professional dog trainer will teach your pet the basics and advance commands.

Obedience Training

Sit, roll, stand up, and another obedience training is our specialty. We’ll make sure that your pet canine will obey you as you command. Of course, we’ll teach your hand signs, too!

Dog Education

We’ll teach you the do’s and don’ts when it comes to dog grooming. This will ensure you that you’ll have a healthy and cuddly pet dog in your house!

Calero Canine Education is a professional dog trainer in Los Gatos, CA that can give your pet dog the training that it needs to be calm, friendly, and obedient. We also provide pet grooming in the area and Lompico CA; San Martin CA; Alamitos CA; Cambrian Park CA; Monte Sereno CA;. For inquiries, call us right now at (408) 891-9291

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